Anderson Lumber History

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Fred Anderson, founder

Fred Anderson had been working in his father-in-law's lumber business for several years when he decided to open a lumberyard of his own. To finance the venture, Fred and his wife, Pat, sold their car and put everything else they owned up for collateral. They bought a used pickup and an old lumber truck, then leased some property at 65th and S Streets in Sacramento. The couple went to San Francisco to buy material to stock the yard.

Pat, whose family had been in the lumber business for decades, knew the wholesalers. They ran into a stumbling block when the first few they visited wouldn't sell to them because Fred refused to use his father-in-law's solid financial standing as backing. He was determined to do this on his own. Eventually the pair found several suppliers willing to sell to them, stocked their lumberyard and prepared to open for business.

On February 17, 1953, an advertisement was placed in the local newspaper announcing the grand opening. Business grew slowly at first, but customers who gave the new yard a try were quick to come back. They responded to the service and quality that established Anderson Lumber's reputation.

Anderson Lumber-Sacramento

4290 Roseville Road
North Highlands, CA 95660
(916) 481-2220

Anderson Lumber-Chico

3505 Hicks Lane
Chico, CA 95973
(530) 809-3670

Core Values

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